Joanna Olczak-Roniker. Janusz Korczak. Pages of biography

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The storyline based on the autobiography taken from Janusz Korczak’s diary shows life story of Doctor interlaced with Polish Jews destinies and choices narration.
Young Korczak appears as a young man seeking his own way, young doctor tending to public activity, a teacher proclaiming groundbreaking theories, a writer, a long time head of an Orphanage for Jewish children, an employee at the “Our home” – boarding school for Polish children. Korczak did not support any political party or any ideology. Throughout all his life he was firmly convinced that it is possible to be both a Jew and a Pole. Shortly before his death Janusz Korczak wrote: “I do not want to harm anyone. I am  not able. I do not know how to do it”.

Olczak-Roniker Joanna. Janusz Korczak. Pages of biography. / Translated from Polish by Andrei Pavlyshyn. – K.: Dukh i Litera, 2012. – 496 p. – ISBN 978-966-378-275-1



    • May 26, 2013: book was presented at Book Arsenal, the III International book Festival
    • March 20, 2013: Andrei Pavlyshyn presented the book at the Vinnitsa State Pedagogical University named after M. Kotsiubynskii
    • November 17, 2012: Presentation of the book was held at the Bookstore Ye

The memorial plaque dedicated to Janusz Korczak was opened in Kiev in the Volodymyrska street, 47.

Fragment of the book:

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