The memorial plate dedicated to Janusz Korczak was opened

The memorial plate dedicated to Janusz Korczak was opened in Kyiv, 47 Vladimirska street. The event has been coincided with the World Children’s Day.

Janusz Korczak was a man who became legend during his lifetime, classic of children’s literature, teacher and innovator, pioneer in defense activities towards children’s rights and equality. He claimed that any child has the right to be who he is, to be respected; he has the right to make mistakes and to express his thoughts freely.
In 2011, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland declared 2012 year as the Janusz Korczak’s Year, which is held under Not children but people motto. It was just in Kyiv where this outstanding teacher lived at the beginning of XX century and wrote one of his main pedagogical work How to Love a Child (1918). It’s also the occasion to remind about the importance and role of children’s rights in modern society through the works and life stance of Janusz Korczak.

Following organizations took part in Memorial plate dedicated to Janusz Korczak project: the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kyiv, Polish Institute in Kyiv, Center for Studies of History and Culture of East European Jewry, Ukrainian Society named after Janusz Korczak, Interesting Kyiv tour company.

Sculptor Ivan Grigoriev was the plate’s author. The plate was placed on the only undamaged building associated with Janusz Korczak’s activities in Kyiv during WWI. In those days the Polish gymnasium for girls and kindergarten were located in that house, and the Old Doctor was coming there to work with children.
Henryk Litwin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Tymofii Kokhan, Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Yuri Pavlenko, Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Iakiv Dihtiar, H. T. Chief of Headquaters for the Cultural Heritage Protection, as well as Leonid Finberg, Head of the Center for Studies of  History and Culture of East European Jewry, Svitlana Petrovska, Chairman of the Ukrainian Society named after Janusz Korczak, and sculptor Ivan Grigoriev, author of the plaque, congratulated Kyivites with this important event.
Youth from the Klovsky Lyceum, where the only Museum of J. Korczak in Ukraine is located, students from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and other educational institutions also attended the event.
Photos made by Andrii Pavlyshyn and Ievhen Shvedkov.